/*1992/ Czech Republic

2013 – 2018 | Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Education, Prof. Martin Velíšek
2013 – 2015 | Scholastika s.r.o., Painting Studio, MgA. Robert Šalanda

Scholarships, internships
2019 | AGON – Dean’s Award for an intermediate set of works: Image as a Word
2017 – 2018 | Faculdade Belas – Artes, Lisbon
2015 – 2016 | ERASMUS +, Educacão Artística Escola Superior de Ed., Viana do Castelo

Solo (duo) Exhibitions & Projects
2022 | Co kdyby?, Malá galerie Sladovny Písek, Písek, curator: Martin Velíšek
2021 | ARTVARIUM, Czech Design Passage, Prague, curator: Renáta Mužíková
2020 | Fall to High, Gram, Třešť
2019 | Húsið (The House), IÐNÓ, Reykjavik, IS
2019 | Midnight Sun, Eric the Red, Reykjavik, IS
2018 | The Way from Studio to the Backyard, happening, ZČU Pilsen
2018 | The Other´s Diary, performance, Lisbon, PT
2018 | Knitted, performance, Faculdade Belas – Artes, Lisbon, PT
2016 | Fica no Coração, Zázemí, Prague
2016 | Diaries, Superior School of Education, Viana do Castelo, PT
2015 | Stones, site-specific installation, Viana do Castelo, PT
2014 | Unusual Everyday Life, Alibi, Prague, curator: Marie Veselá
2014 | White School, happening, Police nad Metují
2013 | In Perspective: I AM, happening, Prague

Group Exhibitions & Projects
2023 | 16. Cena kritiky za mladou malbu 2023, 7 finalists, Galerie kritiků, Prague 1
2022 | Salon umělců Benešovska 2022, group exhibition, MUD Benešov, Benešov
2020 | Calvary, happening, Karavana Art Platform, Nová Říše
2019 | Banana boxes, happening, Lisbon, PT
2018 | Genius Loci Malé Strany, Charles University, Prague
2017 | Recykles, site-specific installation, NZM, Prague
2017 | In the Landscape of the Glacier, Tančírna Račí Údolí, Javorník
2014 | Samorost, NOD, Prague
2013 | Animal, happening, Český Brod

Karolína Šrámková lives and creates in the Vysočina region. She studied at the Faculty of Education in Prague, where, through art pedagogy, she actively devoted herself to painting under the guidance of Prof. Martin Velíšek. She also gained rich experience over the years in a painting studio at Prague Scholastica (Robert Šalanda). In her work, Karolína Šrámková likes to play with combinations of contrasting, contradictory, and seemingly incompatible themes. The combinations of which evoke a certain tension and uncertainty within the viewer. She enjoys contradictions and opposing figures, which she exhibits in dialogues with each other aimed at finding interplay. Upon a background of often mysterious encounters, the author expresses a taste for absurdity, wit, and surprise.

Fascinated by the change and the encounter of contrasts, which result in a shift forward, her inspiration stems from the changes, layers, and repetitions of events that take place both internally and externally. From time to time, she likes to be carried away from painting to creation in a space where she makes excellent use of wires, wood, and mesh.

The author creates outside the fixed boundaries of style, enjoys a constant dialogue between the sought and found, the abstract and the concrete. It is the variability of internal structures, the thin line of certainty and recognisability, the hint and the ability not to finish everything to the end that are the qualities, the combination of which invites the viewer to a deeper search.