Co kdyby?/What If?

26. 3. – 18. 5. 2022

Curator: Martin Velíšek

Malá galerie – Sladovna Písek
Velké nám. 113, Písek

Children’s games full of imagination and boundless imagination often begin with words: „what if…?“. These words carry the potential to turn the impossible into reality if we wish it. In her paintings and installations, Karolína Šrámková ventures into just such a world of fantasy. It begins in the mundane and familiar and slowly moves into a game with the painter’s (and the viewer’s) imagination. What if animals played human roles? What if we could see two situations in one moment? What if a painting didn’t end with a frame? What if …?

Solo exhibition
Vernissage: 25. 3. at 17:00
Commented tour: 26. 3. at 10:00

Photo by Raneta Coolakova

Salon umělců Benešovska 2022

23. 2. – 24. 4. 2022

Curator: Barbora Pavliš

MUD Benešov
Malé nám. 74, 256 01, Benešov u Prahy

Group Exhibition of artists connected to the city of Benešov and the region.
Commented tours: 24. 3. at 17:30, 9. 4. at 15:00.

Photo by Silvie Korenkova


May – September 2021

Curator: Renáta Mužíková

Pasáž českého designu
Na Příkopě 860, 110 00, Nové Město, Prague

ARTVARIUM is one unique project in the contemporary art world located in the centre of Prague since the pandemic forced galleries to close their doors.
Many artists came together to display their works in Passage of Czech Design.

  • 29/4/2021, Artvarium, Karolína Šrámková, Pasáž českého designu
  • 1/6/2021, Artvarium, Karolína Šrámková, Pasáž českého designu
  • 1/7/2021, Artvarium, Karolína Šrámková, Pasáž českého designu
  • 27/8/2021, Artvarium, Karolína Šrámková, Pasáž českého designu